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Conditions for Linking

Basically, you are free to create links to this Site. We, however, does not allow any of the following links:

  • A link which seems to support and/or promote, or slander and/or defame the activity of a specific person/group/organization;
  • A link which is created for the purpose of offending or in a manner to offend public order and morals;
  • A link which is likely to cause misunderstanding about JAXA's operations and/or Japanese aerospace research and development activities;
  • A link which is likely to damage JAXA's image and/or reputation, or to infringe on the rights of a specific person and/or organization; or
  • A link by which the contents of the Site look like part of a linking website of a third party (the so-called "Framing"; for example, a link is created in a manner that incorporates the content of the Site into the frame on the linking website.)

The banner below for links

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[Attention!] Direct link to these banner in this page is not allowed due to reduce the server load, thank you.

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